Friday, March 4, 2016

February Favorites

February 2016 Favorites

February is over, so it's time for a favorites post! This month I'm trying something new and including my non-beauty favorites at the beginning as well. My favorite food has been Ruffles Oven Baked Cheddar and Sour Cream Potato Chips. Oh my gosh, they're freaking delicious! I've tried the normal, non-oven-baked kind and I don't like them as much because I think they're too greasy. The oven baked kind also have less fat, so that's a plus, but I would eat them anyways because they taste good. My favorite drink has been the Odwalla Chocolate Protein Shake. They taste super yummy and they have a decent amount of protein in them. My favorite song has been "Something In The Way You Move" by Ellie Goulding, although my favorite music artist of all time remains and shall always remain Ed Sheeran. My favorite YouTuber has been emilynoel83. Her beauty videos are both informative and entertaining, and many of the products she talks about are affordable and easy to find. I also think that her reviews are very honest, so I feel like I can trust when she says a product is worth the money or not. Now, onto the products!

I've been really enjoying the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water this month. I use it to remove my eye makeup when I do tutorials to post here. It works super well and it doesn't sting my eyes at well. It also doesn't break me out. I put some on a cotton pad, hold the cotton pad on my eye for 10-20 seconds, and swipe the makeup off, and the majority of it comes off. Mascara and eyeliner takes a little bit of rubbing, but nothing that hurts my eyes, and eyeshadow comes right off.

This is the last lip balm I need to use up for my Project Use It Up, and I've actually really been liking it. It's super moisturizing and it leaves my lips feeling nice and smooth. I got it at Dollar Tree, so it was only a dollar, which I think is a more than reasonable price.

My favorite makeup brush this month has been the brush that came with the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. The fluffy end is really good for blending out shadow and the other end is great for applying shadow to the inner corner or lower lashline. It's super soft and it never sheds at all, although I haven't had it long enough to see if it can withstand frequent washing.

The fourth thing I've been loving this month is something homemade. I made this makeup brush spot cleaner out of some 97% isopropyl alcohol, water, and a tiny bit of baby shampoo, and it works great! I spray some onto the brush after I use it and swirl it onto a paper towel until it's clean and that way I can reuse brushes throughout the week until it's time to do my once a week deep cleansing.

This MAC lipstick in Brave is my all time favorite lipstick. It has a gorgeous satin finish that doesn't wear off easily while still not being drying. It's a really pretty pinky nude that I think would look good on anybody.

My last February favorite is the Hard Candy Look Pro Neutral Eyes palette. I've managed to find a use for every shade and my favorite is the one in the very middle. I've experimented with using some of them wet and they look even better that way.

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