Saturday, December 26, 2015

What I Got for Christmas

A Very Christmasy "Haul" 2015

Merry Belated Christmas to everybody reading, as well as Happy Holidays! I just want to say that I'm not making this post to brag about my Christmas gifts - I'm doing this because it seems fun and I wanted to thank everybody who got me gifts. I love everything and I can't wait to use it all! Some things I got before Christmas day aren't included because they're already somewhere in my collection getting used, and I didn't include food or clothes or books because this blog is mostly for makeup and skincare/haircare. I also got a couple of shower things that are already in my shower. Thank you so much to everybody who got me gifts! I'm sure everything will get good use!

One of the things a got is this amazing giant makeup bag. I absolutely love it and I'm looking forwards to using it for travelling and on the go.

I also got this super cool makeup bag, which is also giant, so I'll be able to actually use it for an entire face of makeup. It will get really good use for travel and on the go.

This shower gel from Philosophy smells like heaven and I can't wait to use it! I'm waiting until I use up one or two shower gels or body washes before astarting more as I'm running out of room in the bin I keep my bath and shower products in, but this will definitely be a welcome addition.

I can't wait to use this set so I can smell like a Christmas cookie! Everything - including the lip gloss - smells absolutely amazing. The gloss is colored in the tube but not in swatches, so I'll be able to use it over any lipstick.

I got this mini dry shampoo as a stocking stuffer, which is great because it's hard to bring my big bottle with me during the day so I don't even try and I sometimes feel like I need it while I'm out and about. This is a great dry shampoo and it smells nice as well.

This shower gel smells lovely, and it's from Philosophy, so I have no doubt that it will feel and work great too!

I got the Naked Smoky palette! Now that I've swatched it, I totally see the hype around Urban Decay's eyeshadows. They're super pigmented and buttery, and they don't seem to have much fallout, at least when swatched. All of the colors are absolutely gorgeous as well.

These hair chalks look super pretty and I can't wait to try them out. The color in my hair is fading, so now I'm mostly just blonde, which means these will look great!

I got three of the Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bars! I've been wanting these for forever, and I'm really glad to have them. They give a nice sheer color and lots of glossiness. They're also freaking adorable!

Two more Tony Moly things I got were the Mini Cherry Lip Balm and the Kiss Kiss Lip Essence Balm, along with a Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm mini in Plumberry Pop. The lip oil-balm is super pigmented, just like a lipstick. The kiss kiss balm has no color, and the cherry balm has a light pink color.

I got a few samples from Tony Moly that I can't wait to try out. I've thought about getting the banana hand milk and panda dream cream in the past, and the magic massage pack (it's called a massage pack, which is confusing, so I looked it up and it's a facial cleanser) looks really interesting.

This is one of the really odd yet interesting Tony Moly products - the Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch. It's like a face mask, except for your lips. Apparently it makes your lips super soft and helps with chapping. This seems like a really unique product, so I'm excited to try it out.

I got a Sephora Ultimate Oil-in-Gel Lipstick Remover and two Covergirl eyeliners that come in a set with some mascaras. I'm super excited about these things because I can always use more black eyeliner, and I find some lip products, especially liquid lipsticks, really difficult to remove sometimes. So having a special remover will definitely come in handy!

Along with the two eyeliners, I got two new Covergirl mascaras. Both of them seem to be more about volumizing than lengthening, which is great because that's what I tend to prefer. As soon as I finish a mascara, I'll open one of these to try out.

I got lip balm! I love lip balm so this is very exciting for me. I've tried these ones before and not liked them, but I think I might have been too quick to judge them, so it'll be good to try them again.

One of the things I got is this Yes to Coconuts Cooling Lip Oil. It's almost all natural and it seems to be super moisturizing, so it will be fun to try.

Three more lip balms, one from Burt's Bees which I know I'll love, and two from a brand I had never hear of - Balmtastic Skins. I believe some of it's proceeds go to saving animals from being skinned, which is super cool. They smell nice, although I can't quite identify what exactly the scent is.

I got two EOS, one in pomegranate raspberry and one in strawberry sorbet. They smell really good, and I'll start using them as soon as I use up a couple more lip balms.

I got a pack of Yes to Cucumbers soothing facial wipes, which I've been wanting to try for a long time but haven't gotten around to getting. I'll probably pause using my current makeup remover wipes and try these out for a while.

I got a Tony Moly Runaway Strawberry Seeds 3-Step Nose Pack. From what I can tell, it appears to be a series of special nose strips that clear out your pores. The illustrations on it are so cute that I'm not sure I'll be able to justify using it!

I absolutely love peel-off face masks, so I was super happy to get two of them! I've never tried these specific masks before, but I have tried this brand, and the mask I've tried from this brand was so great that I got the full size (it comes in a big tube).

Lastly, I got two more single-use face masks. I own the full size of the Mud Pac, and I can't wait to try out the coconut one.

I just want to give another big thank you to everyone who got me gifts! I had a great Christmas and I hope you did too!

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