Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Favorites 2015

December Favorites 2015

I'm writing this on December 30th 2015, and the date that Blogger/Blogspot will say it was published on will probably say that, but I'm not actually putting it up until January 2016 since I've prewritten a few posts. Due to how Blogger/Blogspot works, I have to publish things in the same order I prewrite them in, as they display in the order they were written regardless of what order you publish them in. So this post will be a bit late, but I wanted to put it up anyways. I had two weeks off for Christmas, so I was home and not wearing makeup much, which means this favorites is a bit short.

I may have featured this in a favorites before, but I still love it so I'm including it anyways. This lotion is fantastic and smells fantastic too! I get to walk around smelling like a giant candy apple, and it's great.

This is empty now, but I really enjoyed this Moringa body butter. I'm not usually into floral scents as much as fruity or musky ones, but this smelled really nice. I'm planning to try fake tanning soon, so I'm moisturizing a lot, and this was a great product for that.

I got this little tin of Nivea Creme at the dollar store, and sadly it's nearly empty. I get super dry hands sometimes, and this has been really good for soothing that dryness. I'll probably purchase the full size once this fully runs out.

This is the Makeup Eraser, which I got for Christmas. Although I haven't been using it all month, I still wanted to include it because it's absolutely AMAZING. Although I haven't tested if it truly removes waterproof makeup with just water like it claims to, it definitely removes normal makeup with just water, and I rarely wear waterproof makeup anyways. It's much gentler on my eyes than a makeup remover wipe and works just as well, if not better. I generally hand-wash it because it tends to need to be washed more than I need to do laundry, but a few squirts of baby shampoo and a thorough rinse in warm water seems to clean it well enough. Even though $20.00 USD may seem like a steep price for what appears to be a washcloth, it works so much better than a normal washcloth, and you can use it over and over again, unlike makeup wipes. So over time, you're saving money, and I love it.

Another thing I got for Christmas that I'm including anyways is the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. I've fallen in love with this palette! I love every single color and I've already played with it a ton. I don't know about wear time, but every other aspect of these shadows is practically flawless. They're smooth, buttery, pigmented, and have very little fallout if there's any at all. This is my first palette from the Naked range and I would gladly spend $54.00 USD for another one if I were to run out of all the shades in this one.

I'm running out of this, which sucks because it's become one of my favorite lip balms. It's the medicated tangerine EOS. Other EOS lip balms just moisturize my lips, but this one helps heal them when they're chapped as well. I do still like other EOS, but this one is my favorite.

This is the NYX HD Concealer in CW01 Porcelain. This is the first concealer I've ever found that is light enough to highlight under my eyes. Most concealers are just too dark to highlight with, and the majority are too dark to even use to conceal pimples. Not only does the color actually work for me, it's a good quality concealer as well.

My new absolute favorite mascara is the ModelCo VolumEyes Extreme Black mascara. I prefer voluminous lashes, and oh my gosh, does this ever give your lashes volume. I got this as a gift, but I would still pay for it at it's full price, which is $22.00 USD. The CoverGirl SuperSizer is similar, but it's not quite as black, and this one gives even better volume without any clumping whatsoever, whereas the SuperSizer does have a bit of clumping. So if you like volume and you want to splurge on a mascara, this is the one to get.

Last but not least is this Essence brow pencil in Blonde. This makes my brows look so much better with very little effort. All I do is outline them and fill them in using small, short strokes and bam, perfect brows.

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