Monday, January 9, 2017

Marc Jacobs Air Blush (PR)

Marc Jacobs Air Blush Review

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. While I was required to give a review when I accepted the product, I am by no means required to give a positive review. This review is my honest opinion on this product and I am in no way influenced by the fact that I was sent this for free, and I am not being compensated in any other way for my review.

When I received this blush, I'll admit I was skeptical. I knew it would probably be good, but I couldn't see how it would be worth $42.00. You can buy the blush here, on Sephora's website, if you are interested after reading this review.

I have the shade Kink & Kisses, described on the Sephora website as "pale petal/peachy rose." There's a total of five shades. They all have somewhat sexual names, which I find amusing but some people might not be so fond of. The packaging is gorgeous, although it gets fingerprints and smudges on it pretty easily (it looks like there's a crack on the packaging in the photo but that's just a reflection of my hands taking the photo). You open it by pushing in the little silver button on the front, which I think is super cool. I'm kind of a sucker for fancy packaging.

The blush has a good sized mirror, which is useful for on the go. The claims made about it on the Sephora website include, "This ultra-lightweight, radiant powder is nearly undetectable to the touch, and gives your skin a radiant finish," "...even color with every brushstroke," and "...delivers 24-hour blush wear, for glowing radiance from day to night." It certainly is lightweight and radiant, since it gives me a natural-looking glow without looking or feeling like makeup. I use a small stippling brush to apply it and it always looks smooth and even with very little effort. As for 24-hour wear, I can't say whether it really does or not since I haven't worn it for that long. It definitely does look good all day when I'm wearing it out (on average 8-10 hours), so I would say it'll last long enough for the average person as an everyday blush.

The top swatch is of the darker shade, the middle swatch is the lighter shade, and the bottom swatch is both shades mixed. I prefer to use the shades mixed since I feel like it gives the most natural finish for me. The light shade is very glowy, while the dark shade is much less so. When I mix them together I get more of a satin, natural-looking finish. I also prefer the shade of both mixed together. If I want a bit more glow, I will use a fan brush to dust a little bit of Pink Heart from the Moon Child Glow Kit on top.

The main concern I've heard about this blush is the price. It's $42.00, which seems like a lot, even for a high-end blush. So I did the math and compared the price to other blushes, per ounce (rounded to nearest dollar where needed, and keep in mind that all of them have less than an ounce of product, which is why the price per ounce is higher than the price of the blush).

Marc Jacobs Air Blush - about $149/oz
Tarte Amazonian Clay - $140/oz
NARS Blush - $187/oz
Too Faced Love Flush - about $124/oz

Compared to a few popular high-end blushes, the Air Blush isn't actually that much more expensive. It even costs less per ounce than a NARS blush. If all I knew was that it was $42, I would say it isn't worth it, but looking at the price per ounce, I think it's reasonable for a good quality high-end blush. I'm not sure I would repurchase it if I were to run out, but I've never used up a blush, so I'll figure that out if it comes to that. I definitely do want to try more shades though.

Quick Note: between writing this post and publishing it, I got another shade, Flesh & Fantasy, as a Christmas gift. I've been absolutely loving it so far! I would definitely recommend checking that shade out as well.

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