Monday, June 20, 2016

June Boxycharm

June Boxycharm Unboxing

This is my third month of Boxycharm, and I'm very excited for it because I saw some sneak peeks on Instagram and it looks like it's full of things I'll use and enjoy! This month's theme is very summery, perfect for the beginning of summer.

I wanted to do a quick update on the broken lipliner from last month - I contacted customer service, and I'm happy to say that they were great about it! After I sent them a picture of the broken product and my shipping label, they sent me an email back saying that they would send me a replacement with my next box and apologizing that my lipliner came broken. They said that they would do their best to send the same color, but they couldn't assure that it would be, but they did end up sending the same color as the one that was broken, so I'm happy about that. Overall I had a really good experience with their customer service and it makes me a lot more likely to renew my subscription next year.

The first product in the box, worth $24.00, is a set of three sheet masks from Farmacy. They're called the "Coconut Gel Mask Medley" and although I'm not as fond of sheet masks as I am of masks that you apply with a brush or your fingers, these ones say they're hydrating, which is my favorite kind of mask, so I think I'll get good use out of them. These say they're made exclusively for Boxycharm on the package but you can find them on Farmacy's website and I can't find any difference between them. Still, I'm excited about this product and I'm glad that Boxycharm gave us three of them so we get a chance to test them out properly.

The second product is the Ofra Oil Control Pressed Powder (priced at $39.95), which I'm excited for because I love translucent powders and even though I have a bunch already, I feel like I can never have too many. I think that it seems a bit pricey for a pressed translucent powder, but maybe I'll end up falling in love with it. I got an Ofra liquid lipstick in my first Boxycharm box and I really like it so I'm somewhat familiar with the brand and I do like it, so I'm happy to try another one of their products.

Next up is a nail polish from LVX in the shade Serene, worth $18.00, which really reminds me of Essie's Bikini So Teeny. I love that color, so I'll have to compare them and see if they're dupes. I'm not as excited about this product as I am about all the other ones because I don't wear nail polish super often, but I really do like the shade, so I'm still happy about getting it. The card in the box says the polish has a gel-like formula which is something I'm curious about.

The next product is an interesting one - the Cougar Beauty Mineral Face & Body Shimmer in Diamond Kiss (worth $16.00). I think it's like a highlighter, but I'll have to play around with it a bit to see. I hope it is a highlighter because I'm always happy to have another one of those, but it does say face and body shimmer, so maybe it's more subtle and meant for an all-over glow. Either way, it seems like a good product for summer.

Last but not least is the Girlactik Precise Eyeliner Marker in Black Noir, priced at $20.00. It's always good to have another black eyeliner, and I'm always searching for the perfect liner to create the best winged liner I can. The packaging is really cute too.

The total value of this month's Boxycharm is $117.95, which is much more than the $21.00 per month the box costs. I'm really excited for everything in the box, but I'm especially interested in the Face & Body Shimmer from Cougar Beauty. It seems like a unique product and I can't wait to find a use for it. I'm also really happy about the replacement lipliner as well. Did you get this month's Boxycharm? If you did, what was your favorite thing? If not, what do you think you would enjoy the most?

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