Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Moon Child Glow Kit Review

ABH Moon Child Glow Kit Review + Swatches

I have never bought a high end highlight palette (or even a single high end highlight for that matter) until I heard about this palette. Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand I'm not all that familiar with, but as soon as I saw the packaging and what was inside...

...I fell in love. Intense highlights are my thing, and so is anything duochrome. I know I read somewhere that only three shades are technically duochromes, but I've been trying to find which ones they are and can't seem to find an answer. All of them seem duochrome to me, and either way they're all gorgeous! From what I can tell, this palette will be permanent, but I heard it was limited edition a bit after it came out, so I can't confirm that. Most places I look seem to be saying it's permanent, which I hope is true, because if it's not I need to buy a backup! The palette is $40, and you can buy it here.


These are the three shades on the top row. Top to bottom: Blue Ice, Star, and Purple Horseshoe. Unfortunately, my camera and lighting setup doesn't do them justice at all. If you want super intense highlight, it won't be hard to achieve with this palette!

These shades are, from top to bottom: Pink Heart, Lucky Clover, and Blue Moon. This is the bottom row of the palette. Lucky Clover is hands down my favorite shade from this palette. All the shades are unique, but this one is unlike anything I've ever seen - a green highlight that's still wearable for me day-to-day.

Blue Ice is described on the ABH website as "diamond white with an icy blue reflect". I've never used a blue highlight before getting this palette, and I'd never really thought of it as something I would like. I was wrong, though - it's freaking AMAZING.

Star looks like a lovely mint shade in the pan, and that translates onto the cheekbones as well, but in the best possible way. The ABH website describes it as "a moonstone fusion of mint, platinum and silver reflect". This is one of the more 'wearable' highlights in the palette, assuming you aren't as into super bright highlight as me.

Purple Horseshoe has the most small glitters and sparkles of the six, but I really like it that way. You can tell they're there up close, but it works. The ABH website describes it as "a glittering lavender with an arctic blue reflect".

Pink Heart is a lovely highlight, but I also love it as a blush topper. If you use a light hand you can add a pretty pink sheen on top of your blush, which can really pull a whole look together. The ABH website describes this as "pearl white with a pink opal reflect".

Lucky Clover is described on the ABH website as "a shamrock-infused gold with canary yellow diamond reflect". This is my favorite shade in the palette so far - I've never even thought of the idea of a green highlight. I'm glad somebody did, since this is amazing! This shade is the one that convinced me to buy this palette when I still wasn't sure.

Blue Moon is described on the ABH website as "frozen blue with a silver reflect". I go for this one if I want a frosty highlight. I think this is perfect for winter!

My Opinion

I love this palette and I think it's the best highlight palette I've ever seen. If you have very fair skin like me and want an intense highlight, this is for you. I'm not sure if people with darker skin would like it as much, since the highlights themselves are pretty light, but I have seen some pictures on Instagram of these highlights on dark skin and I think they're gorgeous. The formula is amazing, super soft and buttery and pigmented. They have good lasting power, and they look good the whole time rather than fading unevenly or leaving a bunch of sparkles and glitter behind once the color's gone. If you want to make them even more intense than they already are, you can use them wet. I recently tried Purple Horseshoe with some Mac Fix+, and it looked beautiful. One thing to note is that although you can use a light hand, it's still not going to be subtle. I knew that before buying the palette, and that's why I like it. But this probably won't work well for somebody who prefers natural makeup. If you like this palette or want to talk about it, please feel free to leave a comment!

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